Cold Damned Season

by SixStringNoise

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jbush Wow!!! George this is freakin awesome!!! So very proud of you and this fantastic album!! Favorite track: The Broken Homes.
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"Cold Damned Season" is the 3rd full length album by SixStringNoise.
Official album release date: 20/01/2017.
All music & lyrics written by Markos 6SN

*All lyrics included on every track separately
*Guest on "Gripes to a Deaf" , Jim Kakes from Mindthreat.
Produced & Recorded @ 6SN studios by Markos 6SN
(p) & (c) All rights reserved by SixStringNoise,2017


- "Γιώργο, δεν ξέρω τι είδους νερό καταναλώνεις και τι καθημερινό διαιτολόγιο έχεις, αλλά η δουλειά σου είναι φοβερή! Τα τραγούδια είναι άμεσα, είναι πιασάρικα, η φωνή είναι όλα τα λεφτά και το τελικό αποτέλεσμα ερωτεύσιμο!" by
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- "Listening to it sometimes I can’t believe that this is just one guy,... He reminds me of a cross between ALTER BRIDGE and maybe VOLBEAT" (4/5) by
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- "A Cold Damned Season, not one caused by weather or the universal atmosphere but the static that grows and festers when nations collide, when families are at war or when governments start to alienate certain sections of society... within the pause for breath and one that SixStringNoise fully grasp in their tremendous album Cold Damned Season". (8,5/10) by Liverpool Sound and Vision.
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- "Filled with melody, groove, heavy beats, solos & vocals that melt in your ears, check this out." (8.5/10) by Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life.
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-"After my first listen of Cold Damned Season I was impressed by what I’d heard, then I was blown away when I found out that SixStringNoise is a one-man operation, yeah that’s right, everything for this album is done by one dude" (8/10) by Ronon's Reviews.
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- "Lovers of rock, do we have a treat for you!", "This ten track album is diverse and has a little something for every rock fan out there.", "Rounding off Cold Damned Season is a peaceful outro, “Foxy”. A great way to end a great album." by
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released January 20, 2017

Thanks know who you are!...The whole 6SN family all over the world, keep the 6SN dream alive!


all rights reserved



SixStringNoise Athens, Greece

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Track Name: Caledonian
Took my lesson for the first time
then i wanted more
Swallowed my pride then cry out
pulled upon a distant shore

Took my lesson for the second time
felt gutted and alone
Strive for a new beginning
and then i wanted more

Leading my beliefs to this frozen memory
and i am drowning,i am falling down again
Feeling the agony and the fear is born within
and the ghosts of my past

i don't have any grievance
and that's why i digress
i am not walking to perdition
i am already feeling blessed

Took my lesson for the third time
and that was my very last
gratefull for what i've become
but time flies so fast
Track Name: Bum Rush
You came with nothing
you left for something
wanted to be the chosen one

your price tag zero
dont claim you're hero
in my book of life, i already won won won won

and now you have to runnnn

Devastated...long time wasted
got so jaded...i just got bum rushed!

Try to fake're not gonna make it
i am back on my feet just got Bum rushed yeah!

You took for granted
the evil you've planted
you ain't got no alibi

the pain you gave me
it's how you paid me
Handful of anger (it's) about to ignite.....ite ...ite

and now you start a fighttttt
Track Name: Things Went South
You never wanted to be hated for things you'd never done
so you took the other way
you were deceived from many voices inside your head
but never turned the other cheek my friend

Set it free,Let it go and try to run from the fallout
hide your fear,mute the sirens and turn away
you faced your self, you bend and break, then you reconcile
Things went south once again for you....and you rise again!

The consequence was so intense and then you took another pill
Thought it was your only friend
You were so weak and frail and you pretend that everything's alright
thought that you would end your fight that night...

Keep Believing,i know that nothing's like before
Keep Still Breathing, a few things in life are worth dying for // and you're not alone...not alone!
Track Name: Cold Damned Season
Relentless break down
Shaking the whole underground

Completely irrelevant
the way we live in this land

The feeding mouth
is always in gluttony

the bleeding heart
is out of symmetry

A trembling mountain, a clutter in evil control
A shady corruption leading us to the unknown

A savage highway, a symbol that hide's a truth
The righteous redeemer has turned to rust and gone
For a lifetime i felt lost...

Erratic rulers, intolerant intruders
what are we becoming? We're barely surviving...

Total deception, it's just an inception
what are we becoming? slaves lost through drowning

The crown that they're craving, illusion engraving
The reason we are striving, our life reviving

Can't hold me down, hear me now, there's a fire burning // hope that it's not fading
Can't hold us down, hear us now, there's a fire burning // life that it's not fading

Don't drown your self through this ignorant world
Don't kill your self pretending you are all alone

Release the shackles
and heal all these wounds

This Cold Damned Season
is guided from fools

The feeding mouth
always in gluttony

the bleeding heart
is out of symmetry
Track Name: Outbreak
Tearing me apart , you know just how it feels

reclaim my own life, i know this is not real

So if you wanna call yourself a friend, walk out that door and leave the rest to me (redeem your self)
i know that's not a happy ending but i will choose the very hard way ...just forgive your self

Forgive your self, forgive your self, forgive your self ...and let the whole world shakes!
Forgive your self, forgive your self, forgive your self ... you got what it takes

I am not here to fight , and this is what it kills you

You couldn't last for long and nobody is going to miss you

Your hollow life drenched in blackness and rule your mind
that's not the part of you that you should brag about

Your lifeless figure inside this trap that you can't hide
it's the light of day that haunts you down
Track Name: The Broken Homes
Lost and ashamed
go down the drain

It's the long story of the broken homes
it's an Odyssey of lifes and wounded souls


soaked to the bone
Who Will Cast the First Stone?

It's the circle of life in this human flood
it's the pain and anger that will be drenched in blood


It hurts like hell // it's right in front of my eyes

I am almost there // i know I could make it right


And it kills me when i stand beside the water
A fire burns inside me and it's getting hotter
I see your reflection in this lucid dream
I try to control it but it's just a gleam
And it kills me when your hand is getting colder


Numb and neglected
Youth gone wasted

It's a reality that you can't avoid
it's a nightmare leading you into the void


Crippled and broken
Last words spoken

It is something that will never end
It's exactly where this road has led
Track Name: Meth Lab
So you got it all now,
Flesh and blood bound,
Sacred and unholly

Blessed by your damnation
This pure affection,
had faded into nothing.

This place where you were dreaming
Illusions bleeding,
corruption by deceiving

is where you are sleeping,
where you breathing
your nest where hell is leading,


Ressurection it's the only thing you are hoping till the end
Liquefy your kingdom
set your demons free...


On my own, let me trace it
let me face your exiled world

On my own, let me see the hell you made, this shiny blade

On your own, dissolve and swallow
your pride and ego one more time

On your own, build your empire
you know that it's not going to last for too long!


Lift your damaged soul,play your role
in this ending theme of life


Here's your crown now, embrace the change
The world is yours now, can't you see the cage?

Addicted to nothing, just dust and dreams
you're bluffing again now, you're losing the game...
Track Name: Gripes to A Deaf
Sayyyy ... Whatever driving me insane
even if i can't endure the pain
I'm feeling stronger every day

I'll pay...all my dues til my dying day
Let me tell you what i have to say
feel like i am talking to myself in the pouring rain

These crumbs of life made me weaker
this place in time a ruthless fever

tempation is rising ,comfort for the sinners
(and Who Can I Turn To other than deadly shivers?)

Day after day about to lose it all, but i won't give in, in this rise and fall
Gripes to a deaf , a non-existent soul , but i won't give in and i won't let go

Pray...for the new days that will come
I am sure this is not enough
Can't find any reason to laugh

Can't find a way...pretend that everything's ok

a mess to re-arrange ,a beast inside this cage
it's like a war inside my head

It's like a plague, spread in the air
It's the beggining of the end so be prepared

Even though i know, you can't hear what i am saying ohhhh
Your deeds and words are nothing but slaying ohhhh
The enemy is closer than ever, to find the truth is precious more than treasure
i know that you can't hear me, i know you don't wanna hear me...
Track Name: Keep The Change
Keep the change, what if this world is going down, what if you are still a clown, what if it rains, what if you're lame
what if you... Oh Oh Oh

Keep the change , Nothing is wrong just your emptyness , made me care less, what if you go , what if you'll know,
what if you... oh oh oh


Keep the change....thought you were different , the same shit the same slinky bastard every day
Keep the change....thought you were grateful and thankful after all those things i've done for you
No one to blame, nothing to claim , everybody is changing
Got no shame , your life in a frame, you made your choice just right now


Hey...The memories turned into gray, this joke is over now and thank god , i've got my own back
Hey...time flies and it's too late now...the damage is done and i won't be so naive anymore

Hey...This chapter of life has been closed ,this bitter melody is dedicated to all of you // you know who you are
Hey...this isn't absurd at all, i'll catch you when you fall but i won't be, so naive anymore
Track Name: Foxy
~~~R.I.P Foxy~~~

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