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"Relics" is the 4th full length album by SixStringNoise.Working for more than 1 year for the final outcome, i am really proud to present you my 4rth official release with 10 Alternative-Metal-Rock brand new songs.Personally i believe that it's my most complete album i've ever written, combining all my influences along with my personal style of the SixStringNoise sound.Enjoy y'all and welcome to my world...

Markos 6SN
Produced & Recorded @ 6SN studios by Markos 6SN
All songs written by Markos 6SN (contains explicit lyrics)
(p) & (c) All rights reserved by SixStringNoise, 2019

**lyrics included separately on each song.

Reviews: (DE) (7)
"On his new record "Relics" the musician picks up influences of the modern American hard rock band "Alter Bridge" or "Fuel" and combines this sound with some traditional Heavy Metal"// "Purely vocally George Markogiannakis offers a reminiscent of Mark Tremonti voice color. // "Songs like "Crack a Smile" or "True Colors" are off to a good start and reveal great ideas and hooklines."
link: (USA) (7,5)
"How’s the World from up there?” is the kind of opening tune that brings the likes of Danish Hard Rockers Volbeat to mind. Markos shows off some fine guitar talent with an impressive solo and some solid hard rock riffs. Vocally there are the strains of dearly departed former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver vocalist Scott Weiland."...(more)…

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life (UK) (7)
" there is a bit of the Alter Bridge's about SixStringNoise" // "delivering all kinds of metal and rock goodness wrapped up with the great vocals"// "a really solid album"...(more)...


released April 12, 2019

Special guests:
Aris Markogiannakis (lute) on "Relics"
Ilias Leriou (b-vocals) on "What's Wrong with You?"


all rights reserved



SixStringNoise Athens, Greece

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Track Name: How's the world from up there?
Slipping Through The Cracks as the light of day is closing in
Leaving one more night,i am surrounded by the frantic living dead

I'm Shaking, aching , breaking abandoned and bruised...

How's the world from up there?Do you feel any pain?and the scars that remain into the blackness will fade

How's the world from up there?Does anybody care? How long will it last?

This world haven't learned anything at all...

Love replaced with hatred - the Reluctance to change ruins the soul
For all this time we've wasted, for all the years that passed and lost forevermore
There's something u sould know...that in the grave you are on your own and all the fortune you've made...won't mean anything!
Track Name: True Colors
It's hard to see from the pinnacle to the bottom
It's hard to feel when everything's empty
and i believe that your colors are fading , these walls are shaking and ready to explode, you are about to implode...

It's the true colors that fading, the ones that forsaking it's so damn true
It's the true colors that fading , imprisoned and faking , the ones that makes a heart breaking in two

There was a time when u treated me so good, there was a chance for me to escape
but like a fool i stood there and waiting, mistakes that i am embracing and hit me in the head for good
Track Name: Underdog
Lost and deranged
these scars are opened
and it hurts like hell
from the very first day and then it goes away

but still there's pain on it's way
and there's a heartbeat that still resonates

so they made you feel unable to make your dreams come true
so they torture your mind and soul that almost burned you out

Seeing nothing
hope for nothing
Your thoughts are always here to stay
and there's nothing you can do

Every moment every second isnt wasted
would u feel the same if you were born again?

You failed once again, to prove to your self (that) there's a light that shines all over your way
it never goes away , never goes away

to see things better you'll need to set free your frailty
Track Name: Toxiced Away
You were hiding from me and there was no suprise, you knew the consequence
you were spitting the love and that was no profound, that shit don't make sense

There's no turning back, told you in the first place
Got no time for answers and the answers you seek are burried in the past

And now you're keep falling down , keep falling now everybody loves your misery...NOT (and there's no time for you to change)
you're keep losing ground , keep crawling down and i am not gonna waste my time and that's how i rest my case

You were always tried to drag me down , push me around but it didn't worked out
Tried to paint my white into black again but that don't phase me at all

You're toxiced away...away from're finally changed...not gonna be part of this...

And the numbers don't mean a thing...years mean nothing at all
i've already found my self again , you're the one that's out of control

falling down, falling now, losing ground, crawiling down
Track Name: Crack A Smile
Feel the internal tides
in this deep ocean far away

Linger before this sudden rise
Watch the sneaky quicksand like people's lies

Time's wasted and searching for answers
i am not gonna lose my smile
i will not consume my own life

Drown your fears to the lake of dreams
find the real and reopen
Last of the tears that left in here
are carried awayyyyy

i am afraid that someday i'll lose hope
and start all over again
but fear's not the answer
crack a smile and face your fears....
Track Name: What's wrong with you?
And i've been losing again
(and it is time to think about)

and i've been losing my self
(don't even think about...)

i don't know if you've already went to shrink
but i will ask you once again...

What's Wrong with you? and i know it's true
no more wasted time and i'm fed up with your shit
What the fuck is wrong with you??

What's wrong with you? just a moody junky
and there's nothing left /nothing to think about...
What the fuck is wrong with you??What's wrong with you?

You're so unsteady my friend
(should reconsinder and blame your self)

and now you're losing the game
(nothing's gonna be the same)

no one gives a shit about you psycho ego prick
and i will ask you once again...
Track Name: ...and when I leave, I'll fly
It's all yours for the taking and almost everybody is faking it

The liberation is sacred, a pure soul is rare to find.

The memories start to fade, these deeds are engraved for life
Thats all that matters now...and i know, that it won't end here...

...and when i leave i'll fly , not thinking about tommorow, and there will be no sorrow
and there will be no pain... i'll stand against the rain!

...and when i leave i'll fly , there's no life to borrow...and i cast no shadow
and there will be no shame... my soul still remains

A pulse to revoke... and for a second life's changing

The Walls are collapsing and life is fading

Not hollow , i feel so alive
Not Shallow , deep in the ocean
I'll follow...the light to emerge
up in the sky , while i am swallowing the sun

and life will be eternal, and death will be your fears
and death will be infernal, and life will shed no tears.
Track Name: None of your business
I just need my privacy
you've strengthen our rivalry
I just need to move on

I blocked you from everything
Keep pushing me on a swing
Don't know what the hell you wanna prove

And now it's time to beat it, you are not what i needed... it's time for me to settle down
This heart is bleeding, you'can't stop cheating... you're just fooling around

this encounter isn't worthy, take your pride and shove it... you can't break me down
you're not trustworthy, i'm on my own're not what i am looking for

This is none of your business.... (none of your business)....none of your business
i am just watching the're losing've got no're such a disgrace

Just leave and walk away, you shouldn't stay, that's the price you pay

Just leave and get the fuck away, we're through today, don't ruin my day!
Track Name: The Old You
i see the way , the way you are leaving
this cold breeze has it's own meaning
and now you're gone away, you weren't meant to stay

Many days and many nights, i saw my lows i saw my highs
i wish you could change and rearrange

Another blink , another page, another fear , another cage
oh how i wish i could turn back time to... the old you

another year, another line, another song, another rhyme
oh how i wish i could turn back time to... the old you

I tried to forget that face, (these) chapters of life to erase
but that was all in vain, it only caused pain

Hear these words that left unspoken even the glass is already broken
i wish you could change and rearrange.
Track Name: Relics
War for a king's crown
these souls are condemned, When Will This Nightmare Ever End?

Nations divided , the whole continent misguided
The venom in its entirety , keep moving quietly

Faceless and with dishonor they play with fire and they serve it right
Desecration, a massive swallow, they try to erase the existence of mankind

This holy ground is shaking from the underground (underground)
our generations aching ,they are lost and bound

our history revised, with their interests and lies
eradicate , eliminate with this war that you instigate.

The clock is ticking, the truth is leaking
the media is out there, our voices resonate

The battlefield is calling you, the vultures surround you
the halo that is broken , our Relics left unbroken!

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